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  • HDMI is a high-definition interface used to connect signals from HDMI output devices, such as HDMI output DVDs, HDMI TV boxes, HDMI graphics cards, etc.


  • TFT LCD Display means that each liquid crystal pixel on a liquid crystal display is driven by a thin film transistor integrated behind it.


  • LCD Touch Screen can be divided into five basic types: vector pressure sensing technology touch screen, resistive technology touch screen, capacitive technology touch screen, infrared technology touch screen, surface acoustic wave technology touch screen.


  • LCD Touch Screen has been visible around us. In the field of PDA and other personal portable devices, the touch screen saves space for easy carrying, as well as better human -computer interaction.


  • TFT LCD Display is a mature industry with low cost and high yield. It is not only more high-end than broken code screen and dot matrix screen, but also cheaper than OLED display screen, so it is widely used by many terminal products.


  • Maybe we don't pay much attention to the type of screen when we buy a mobile phone, and only pay attention to it when we buy a TV or a display screen, so many people don't know the advantages of these types. So, what is the difference between lcd and oled? The following will introduce to you.