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How To Use The Network Camera Safely


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1. Do not shoot the privacy zone when placing the network camera.

Many users have exposed their private life because they installed the network camera in a private location such as a horizontal position. During the installation process, they should try to avoid these privacy areas. Some more advanced network cameras, with their own pan-tilt heads, can rotate left and right, so if you do n’t want the user to shoot certain areas during use, you should turn the network camera to the maximum extent in advance to observe the largest area of the shot.

2. Cover the network camera with someone in the house.

This trick is the safest and most effective method. Although it is a little troublesome, it is a method used by many well-known people in the world, such as blocking the network camera of your notebook computer, blocking it with white paper when not in use. Hackers have no choice.

3. Don't check and share your network camera at will.
The function that many users know is to share their network camera to the public platform, so that everyone can see your live broadcast screen, which is good for commercial use, but for personal home use, try not to share, because you choose Sharing means that your every move will have thousands of viewers staring at you, and many users ’privacy leaks are also caused by such unconscious sharing.

4. The password must be complicated to avoid duplication of passwords at all levels.
Another point is to try to use complex passwords when setting all levels of passwords. Do not choose regular passwords (such as 000000, admin, 123456) and passwords that may be guessed by acquaintances (birthday, name pinyin, etc.). At the same time, do not set the multi-level password to the same password, otherwise the meaning of the multi-level password will be lost.
If the user is cracked by the network camera or the privacy is leaked, the relevant website can be required to be deleted in time according to law. At the same time, the user who has violated the privacy of the individual can also file a civil lawsuit to the court in accordance with the law, requesting the perpetrator to stop the violation, remove obstruction and compensation loss!