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Advantages And Disadvantages of LCD Display and OLED Display


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Now I will talk about their advantages and disadvantages.
The biggest disadvantage of OLED is eye damage. The problem is that the low-frequency flash screen in the material of the OLED itself causes eye discomfort when viewing. Although some manufacturers have launched many solutions for the OLED flash screen problem, the actual effect is not great. Because LCDs are mature in technology, there is no such flashing screen problem, and mobile phones will look much more comfortable. Of course, OLED will be more vivid in color, and the color of LCD is more natural.
The second major disadvantage of OLED is the obvious screen burning phenomenon. In view of the phenomenon that the image remains on the screen for a long period of time, the burn-in problem is ultimately due to the material problem of the OLED itself, which is a congenital problem. If the burn-in problem really occurs, only the screen can be replaced, which is very expensive. The LCD is not very prominent in the problem of screen burning, and the proportion is not large, and it can even be ignored.
Although it seems that OLED has many disadvantages, in fact, OLED has far more application scenarios than LCD. Since the current manufacturers are pursuing the ultimate screen ratio, there are still many reasons why mobile phone accessories need to be placed under the screen. Because of the advantages of OLED because of its thinness and easy cutting, many technologies use OLED screens instead of LCD screens. Therefore, the application of OLED screens on the flagship phones of major mobile phones is a development trend.
On the whole, LCD technology is mature, good quality, low price, and has the advantages of eye protection. It is very suitable for use in other low-end and mid-range mobile phones. Highly expandable applications all use OLED screens, which can have more and better. Screen application. Although there is room for improvement in OLED screens, it is really hard to say if you compare the pros and cons of the two. Finally, the editor thinks that you do n’t really need to care whether the screen is LCD or OLED. After all, consumers care about price and quality. As long as the mobile phone is of good quality and durable, LCD or OLED does not matter. If you have a need to buy a machine, would you care whether the screen is LCD or OLED? You are welcome to leave a comment below.